the project will be of interest to professionals who want to improve their skills in hairdressing

to learn an individual approach to work, to think large-scale and in a new way

gain flexibility and freedom of movement!

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  • 2 daystraining
  • 16 hourspractical work
  • 4 haircutsStudied using 3D videos


The full version of the haircut video guide will be shown during the training. Continue to practice at your own pace with the help of 3D videos, available on paid teaching platforms


    Our main goal of the project is to unite talented specialists and educate aspiring hairdressers in an innovative new platform.

    The project gives an opportunity to share your haircuts development

    If you are a talented and creative specialist in hairdressing that has created your own unique haircut - we look forward to working with you!

    HAPPEN Turn your
    haircuts into
    3D format videos
    reveal a secret and pass on the experience to your colleagues


    My name is Tatiana Abelishvili

    I'm a hairstylist and a two-time winner of [[the World championship in hairstyling]], as well the winner of multiple hairstyling championships in Russia, Europe, and Belarus. After years of working with world-class specialists and successful performances, I moved to coaching and judging in such competitions

    When I started to teach, I systematized the techniques of movements. Over the years, I honed and perfected these skills

    It’s safe to say that my haircuts, while extremely wearable, can still bring out everybody’s unique individuality

    I came up with a system to share my knowledge and experience in the most efficient way of receiving information. My teachings include the use of 3D videos, along with supplementary materials that include schemes, shapes, and guides that demonstrate the lines and sequences of movements for each haircut


    • Tatsiana curator @graph.t Founder and curator of the project Tatsiana Abelishvili
    • VIDEO STUDIO 3D Realization Creating 3D videos
    • Kristina photographer @kristena-korolyova Korolyova Kristina
    • Tamuna Graphic designer & photographer @tamuna_chen Tamuna Abelishvili-Chen
    тренинг + present

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    + present
    тренинг 45,000₽ По истечению 2-х дневного тренинга вы получаете: знание, практику, запись курса. + расческа для текстуры волос (Япония) в подарок!

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